Okòmansman soti nan Monreyal, Kanada, Dr. Vwayaj Valmé te kòmanse nan yon laj jèn lè li te deplase ann Ayiti ak fanmi li. Malgre defi yo nan grandi nan yon nasyon k ap devlope, li te anbrase eksperyans anrichisan ak leson valab ki te fòme apresyasyon li pou lajwa ki senp lavi yo..

Her academic pursuits led her to Xavier University of Louisiana, renowned for its commitment to nurturing minority students in healthcare fields. Through diligence and dedication, Dr. Valmé graduated ahead of schedule, driven by a desire to alleviate the financial burden on her hardworking parents.

Following her undergraduate studies, Dr. Valmé pursued her passion for dentistry at the esteemed Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC, where she earned a full scholarship. Subsequently, she embarked on a career path that saw her excel in various capacities, including obtaining her certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry at the University of Florida.

In 2008, Dr. Valmé commenced on a pivotal chapter in her career when she relocated to Fort Pierce, Florida. There, she brought her wealth of expertise to the role of General Dentist, collaborating closely with Dr. Aurore Rezk as her associate. It was during this tenure that Dr. Rezk introduced her to the esteemed Dr. Pifò, whose remarkable journey and successful practice as both an Oral Surgeon and Endodontist captivated Dr. Valmé’s interest in dental specialization.

After seven years of distinguished service in general dentistry, Dr. Valmé made the strategic decision to pursue further specialization. Motivated by an unwavering commitment to excellence, she embarked on an intensive program in Endodontics at NYU Langone in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This endeavor solidified her standing as a preeminent professional within her field.

Today, Dr. Valmé remains steadfast in her dedication to advancing the legacy of the Center for Specialized Dentistry. Entrusted with the responsibility of carrying forward Dr. Most’s visionary mission, she continues to exemplify the highest standards of dental care and professional leadership.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Valmé remains actively engaged in community outreach initiatives, exemplifying her dedication to serving others. She finds joy in her roles as a devoted wife, mother, and pet owner, relishing moments spent cooking, reading, and traveling the world with her family.